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Canon multipass c635

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    Canon multipass c635 LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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  • Canon multipass c635 user manual pdf download.

    • Page 1


    • Page 2

      Disclaimer Canon Computer Systems, Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order to make it an easy to use guide for your Canon MultiPASS C635 system. All statements, technical information, and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed reliable,...

    • Page 3

      Trademarks Canon and BJ are registered trademarks and BCI, Bubble Jet, MultiPASS, and UHQ are trademarks and SelectExchange is a service mark of Canon Inc. PowerPrint, SpoolMaster, and the Infowave logo are trademarks of Infowave Software, Inc. Apple, Finder, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

    • Page 4

      Canon recommends an individual line following industry standards [e.g., the 2500 (touch-tone) or 500 (rotary/pulse dial) telephones]. A dedicated extension off a PBX unit without “Call Waiting” can be used with your MultiPASS C635. Key telephone systems are not recommended because they send non-standard signals to individual telephones for ringing and special codes, which may cause a fax error.

    • Page 5

      Users should contact Canon Authorized Service Facilities for servicing of equipment. Information regarding Authorized Service Facility locations can be obtained by calling the Canon Computer Systems Customer Care Center. (See page 1-4 for details.) RIGHTS OF THE TELEPHONE COMPANY Should the equipment cause harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may temporarily disconnect service.

    • Page 6: Users In Canada

      2500 (touch-tone) or 500 (rotary/pulse dial) telephones]. A dedicated extension off a PBX unit without “Camp On” signals is also permissible with your MultiPASS C635. Key telephone systems are not recommended because they send non-standard signals to individual telephones for ringing and special codes, which may cause a fax error.

    • Page 7

      The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all the devices does not exceed 5. CANON CANADA INC. 1-800-263-1121 24 HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK...

    • Page 8: Using Your Documentation

      User’s Manual This manual (in Adobe information on how to operate your MultiPASS C635. It includes how to use the MultiPASS C635 as a monochrome or color printer, stand-alone plain paper fax, color scanner, and color copier. It also includes maintenance, troubleshooting, and specifications.

    • Page 9: Table Of Contents

      Canon Specialty Papers... Getting Help From Canon ... Servicing the MultiPASS C635 ... Important Safety Instructions ... Main Components of the MultiPASS C635 ... Front View ... Back View ... Inside the Printer Area ... Using the Operator Panel ...

    • Page 10: Table Of Contents

      Maintaining Your Fax Address Book ... 3-12 Assigning an Individual to a Speed Dial Code ... 3-13 Defining a Group Speed Dial Code ... 3-14 Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 Sending a Document ... Regular Dialing ... Automatic Dialing ...

    • Page 11: Table Of Contents

      Types of Ring Patterns ... How DRPD Responds to Calls ... Communicating Using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Feature ... Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Launching ScanTastic ... Exploring the ScanTastic Window ... Using the Device Panel ... Picking an Image Type...

    • Page 12: Table Of Contents

      General Specifications ... A-7 Receiving Faxes and Phone Calls Automatically—Fax/Tel Mode ... A-9 Appendix B Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax LCD Menu System ... B-1 Entering Information in the MultiPASS ... B-2 Entering Your User Information ... B-3 Glossary ...

    • Page 13

      Thank you for purchasing the Canon MultiPASS C635—the multi- talented color printer for your home office and the whole family. We are sure that your MultiPASS C635 will provide all you need in one machine: Color Bubble Jet™ printer, plain paper fax, color copier, and color scanner.

    • Page 14: Supplies And Accessories, Bj Cartridges And Bj Tanks

      Canon has an extensive dealer network equipped to offer you supplies as you need them. To find a dealer near you, call the Canon Referral Service at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666). If supplies are not available from your local dealer, you can order directly from Canon by calling 1-800-385-2155.

    • Page 15: Canon Specialty Papers

      For up to date information on ordering paper types, please refer to the Canon web site (, or talk to your local Canon dealer. See Chapter 2, Printing With the MultiPASS C635, for a few details on Canon’s Specialty Papers. Chapter 1...

    • Page 16: Getting Help From Canon

      Getting Help From Canon Canon Computer Systems, Inc. offers a full range of customer technical support* options including: ❍ 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, toll-free automated support for troubleshooting issues on most current products (1-800-423-2366) ❍ Speak to a technician free of service charge (currently Monday–...

    • Page 17: Servicing The Multipass C635, Important Safety Instructions

      If you feel your MultiPASS needs servicing, contact Canon on the World Wide Web to locate the Canon Authorized Service Facility (ASF) nearest you. If you do not have access to the Web, you can call Canon (see previous page for details).

    • Page 18

      MultiPASS. If something does fall into it that you cannot remove, unplug the unit immediately and call the Canon Customer Care Center. ❍ Unplug this product from the wall outlet and call the Canon Customer Care Center if any of the following conditions exist: •...

    • Page 19: Main Components Of The Multipass C635, Front View

      Main Components of the MultiPASS C635 Before using the MultiPASS C635, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the components and understand their functions. Front View PAPER REST SUPPORTS PAPER STACKED IN THE SHEET FEEDER SHEET FEEDER HOLDS 100 SHEETS...

    • Page 20: Back View, Inside The Printer Area


    • Page 21: Using The Operator Panel

      Using the Operator Panel This section presents a brief description of the operator panel on the MultiPASS C635. COLOR COPY DOCUMENT FEED LEVER REDIAL/PAUSE CODED DIAL SYMBOLS OPER TONE NUMBER BUTTONS REDIAL/PAUSE CODED DIAL Document feed lever Set this lever to the left ( ) for automatic feed or to the right ( ) for manual document feed.

    • Page 22

      B&W FAX/COPY Use this button when sending faxes or making copies in black and white only. For black and white scanning, set the resolution from the ScanTastic for MultiPASS scanning software. One-touch Speed Dial/Function buttons Use for one-touch speed dialing, entering user information, printing documents stored in memory, and cleaning the print head.

    • Page 23: Special Function Buttons

      Special Function Buttons button FUNCTION Use to register user settings, to run the print head cleaning process, or to print faxes stored in the MultiPASS’s memory. button CARTRIDGE Press to move the BJ cartridge holder to the center of the unit when installing or replacing the cartridge.

    • Page 24: Loading Paper In The Sheet Feeder

      The paper you load in the sheet feeder is used for printing documents or for incoming faxes. For printing documents, you can use any of the Canon Specialty Papers described in Chapter 2, Printing With the MultiPASS C635. For receiving faxes, use plain paper (such as copier paper). When the message add paper to the sheet feeder.

    • Page 25: Preparing Documents For Faxing, Copying, Or Scanning

      ❍ Align the edge of the paper with the right edge of the Slide the stack of sheet feeder. paper into the sheet feeder ❍ Secure the stack with the paper guide. until it stops. Preparing Documents for Faxing, Copying, or Scanning You can use the MultiPASS to fax, copy, or scan documents that are printed on standard letter, legal, or A4 size paper.

    • Page 26: Loading The Document

      ❍ Remove all staples, paper clips, and the like before feeding the document. ❍ Make sure any glue, ink, or correction fluid on the paper is completely dry before feeding the document. ❍ Make a photocopy of any document that will not feed into the MultiPASS.

    • Page 27

      ❍ Insert the document face down (letterhead first) into the Feed the ADF until you hear a beep. document. ❍ Adjust the document guides to the width of the document. The MultiPASS automatically feeds the pages one by one from the bottom.

    • Page 28: Adding Pages To The Document, Setting The Document Feed Lever

      Adding Pages to the Document If you want to add pages while the MultiPASS is sending a document, wait until the last page is feeding into the unit and then insert the new sheets. Insert the first new page so it overlaps the last page by about one inch (2.5 cm).

    • Page 29: Identifying Your Documents

      Identifying Your Documents When sending a document, the following information is printed out by the receiving fax: your fax number, your name, and the current date and time. This information is called your TTI (Transmit Terminal Identification) and appears at the top of the faxed document in small type.

    • Page 30: Copying Documents

      Copying Documents One of the convenient features of the MultiPASS is its ability to make high-quality copies. Copying in black and white, you can make up to 99 copies of one document at a time. It’s a good idea to use the optional BC-20 Black BJ Cartridge when you make black and white copies.

    • Page 31

      ❍ To change the resolution for color copying, press the Change the resolution if COLOR COPY necessary. ❍ To change the copying resolution for black and white copying, press the When copying in color: • COLOR FINE better quality reproduction, but takes longer than other settings. •...

    • Page 32

      ❍ To reduce the size of the copies, use the < or > buttons to Select Reduction mode if necessary. Enter the number of copies. ❍ To make multiple copies (in black and white), use the Press START/COPY. ❍ To stop copying at any time, press ❍...

    • Page 33: Miscellaneous, If The Power Goes Out, Using Switch Boxes, Disconnecting The Multipass

      Using Switch Boxes Canon does not recommend using a switch box with the MultiPASS. To use more than one printer, it’s a good idea to use another USB port on your computer or add a powered USB hub.

    • Page 34

      Printing a document Setting up print jobs Setting the paper thickness lever Printer settings for various print media Loading paper Printing on envelopes Printing on Canon Specialty Papers Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Printing With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 35: Paper Handling, Selecting Paper

      The paper is specially coated and printable on both sides. Glossy Photo Paper Canon Glossy Photo Paper is a high gloss, thicker paper that produces the look and feel of a photograph. Use this paper to produce photo- realistic prints from your printer.

    • Page 36

      Greeting Cards Get the most out of your Canon Creative or other card-making software with Canon Greeting Cards. These cards give your unique, personalized cards the look and feel of professional cards. You can create cards, invitations, announcements, and more. The cards come in regular size and half-fold.

    • Page 37: Paper Guidelines, Understanding The Printer Driver, Printing A Document

      The exact steps for printing a document may vary depending on the application program (such as Microsoft are using. Refer to your software application’s documentation for the exact printing procedure. Printing With the MultiPASS C635 ® Word ®...

    • Page 38

      MultiPASS C635. MultiPASS C635 in the Chooser. Select Chooser from the Apple On the left side of the Chooser, click the MultiPASS C635 icon. On the right side of the Chooser, select the MultiPASS C635 as your printer. Close the Chooser.

    • Page 39: Setting Up Print Jobs, Using The Page Setup Dialog

      Background Printing is off. For more information on SpoolMaster, see the “Working With SpoolMaster” section later in this chapter. Setting Up Print Jobs Once you have selected the MultiPASS C635 driver in the Chooser, you can set up your print jobs from any application. Using the Page Setup Dialog Use the Page Setup dialog to format your document by setting options such as paper size, orientation, and scaling.

    • Page 40

      It’s a good idea to leave Fractional Widths on at all times. Chapter 2 50% REDUCTION 50% REDUCTION WITH PHOTOCOPY WITHOUT PHOTOCOPY REDUCTION REDUCTION ® determine the proper spacing between Printing With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 41

      Selecting both Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical rotates your page 180 degrees without any mirroring, which prints it bottom up. Invert Image This option reverses how the image prints, white on black instead of black on white. Printing With the MultiPASS C635 FLIP FLIP HORIZONTAL VERTICAL...

    • Page 42

      To create a custom paper size: 1. Click the New button. 2. Enter the name of the new paper size in the Name edit box. 3. Select the unit of measurement and enter the paper’s width and height. Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 43

      You would have to change the paper size selection each time you create a new document. After specifying the options you use most often on the Page Setup dialog, be sure to save those settings using the Settings dialog. 2-10 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 44: Using The Print Dialog

      Feeding Paper” later in this chapter. Preview Select this checkbox to view your document on-screen before printing. See “Using the Preview Window” later in this chapter. Chapter 2 Print Quality 180 dpi 360 dpi 360 dpi Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-11...

    • Page 45

      In the Print dialog, click the Color button to determine how color and grayscale documents print. You can select between monochrome, grayscale, or color printing, choose the dithering method, and adjust the output brightness. 2-12 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 46

      Halftoning is as fast as Pattern dithering, and it tends to work better for grayscale rather than color documents. Use halftone dithering if pattern dithering produces noticeable geometric patterns or banded output. Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-13...

    • Page 47: Using The Preview Window, Working With Spoolmaster

      If you must get a document printed as quickly as possible, you can turn off background printing so your computer can dedicate all of its resources to the print job. 2-14 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 48

      Activating SpoolMaster 1. Go to the Apple 2. Select the MultiPASS C635 printer driver for your printer. 3. Turn Background Printing on using the radio button. 4. If the Background Printing option is grayed-out, either SpoolMaster is not installed, or it was not loaded during start-up.

    • Page 49

      If you need to temporarily halt the printing of your queued documents, you can stop and resume the printing of any queued document. 1. In the SpoolMaster window, choose Stop Printing from the File menu. 2-16 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 50: Printing Tips

      Dithering method to your document. Use Scatter dithering to print complex graphics with a lot of blends or color detail. Select Pattern dither to print pages with large regions of color. Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-17...

    • Page 51

      If your printing is too dark or too light, use the Brightness slider. For the best output quality, adjust your output in the application used to create it, then make a global change with the printer driver. 2-18 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 52: Setting The Paper Thickness Lever

      Chapter 2 r t r l - 2 l - 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 DO NOT TOUCH THE GUIDE RAIL DO NOT TOUCH THE RIBBON CABLE DO NOT TOUCH THE ROUND SHAFT...

    • Page 53

      Set the paper thickness lever. Complete the operation. 2-20 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 RESOLUTION REDIAL/PAUSE COLOR COPY CODED DIAL SYMBOLS OPER START/COPY TONE Set the paper thickness lever to left, center, or right according to the BJ cartridge and paper type.

    • Page 54: Printer Settings For Various Print Media

      Manual Down Manual Down Manual Auto Down Manual Down Manual Down Auto Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Limit (Sheets) Approx. 100 " (0.4 or 10 mm stack) Approx. 100 Approx. 100 " (0.4 or 10 mm stack) Approx. 80 (0.4" or 10 mm stack)

    • Page 55: Loading Paper, Automatically Feeding Paper

      Automatically Feeding Paper Set the paper thickness lever. 2-22 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Center for the BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge. Left for the BC-20 Black BJ Cartridge. r t r l - 2 l - 2...

    • Page 56

      Fan the paper. For best results, fan the paper before loading it. Always fan a stack of paper along the edge that will feed into the printer first. Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-23...

    • Page 57: Auto Feed Guidelines

      If paper curls after printing, remove it immediately; otherwise, paper jams may occur. 2-24 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Align the edge of the paper with the right edge of the sheet feeder. Secure the stack with the paper guide.

    • Page 58

      NO GAP HERE Make sure there are no gaps between the stack of paper and the paper guide or the right edge of the sheet feeder. Chapter 2 PAPER LIMIT MARK NO GAP HERE Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-25...

    • Page 59: Manually Feeding Paper

      Start your print operation. 2-26 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 to 105 g/m If you are manually feeding heavier-weight print media, set the paper thickness lever to the right. You must select Manual Feed in the Print dialog for the printer to accept manually fed paper.

    • Page 60

      After printing on thick paper or envelopes, set the paper thickness lever (inside the printer) back to the left or center position before printing on other paper types. See “Setting the Paper Thickness Lever” earlier in this chapter for details. Chapter 2 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-27...

    • Page 61: Printing On Envelopes

      U.S. Commercial number 10 (COM10) envelopes and European DL envelopes are recommended. You may be able to stack envelopes of other sizes in the sheet feeder; however, Canon cannot guarantee consistent performance on envelope sizes other than COM10 and DL.

    • Page 62

      Remove any curling from the envelopes by holding the edge of the envelopes diagonally and bending them gently. Make sure the flaps of the envelopes are flat and not curled. Chapter 2 PRESS DOWN FIRMLY ON THE EDGES OF THE FLAP Printing With the MultiPASS C635 2-29...

    • Page 63

      Insert the envelopes with the print side up. Feed the top of the envelope (return address portion) into the sheet feeder first. Make sure the back flap is toward the sheet feeder. Now you can start your print operation. Chapter 2 2-30 Printing With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 64: Using Canon's Specialty Papers, Specialty Paper Guidelines

      This section provides guidelines for printing on some of Canon’s Specialty Papers. Specialty Paper Guidelines Be sure to read any instructions that come with your Canon Specialty Paper. These instructions provide important information regarding how to achieve the highest print quality with these papers.

    • Page 65: Canon's High Resolution Paper

      Using the Paper Output Guides Lift both paper output guides until they are vertical. Always lift both output guides. 2-32 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 2...

    • Page 66: Using The Cleaning Sheet

      The guides may cause paper to pile up and jam. Using the Cleaning Sheet Canon’s High Resolution Paper is designed for high quality printing. This paper is specially coated to produce delicate color output. After using a package of High Resolution Paper (200 sheets), you need to use the cleaning sheet enclosed with the paper to remove paper dust from the printer’s rollers;...

    • Page 67

      2-34 Printing With the MultiPASS C635 Insert the sheet with the sticky side out (toward you) and down (going into the sheet feeder). Adjust the paper guide to the edge of the cleaning sheet.

    • Page 68: Fax Setup

      Setting up speed dial assignments Fax Setup The MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility contains setup options that define the fax operation of your MultiPASS C635. You can set options that affect preferences, sending and receiving a fax, and using the speed dial features.

    • Page 69

      When the MultiPASS is connected to your computer, be sure to use the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility. Do not make your changes using the operator panel of the MultiPASS. The following instructions summarize the overall procedures for configuring Fax Setup options in the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility. To view or change the MultiPASS Fax Setup settings and options in the Fax Setup dialog box, click the appropriate tab to display the Fax Setup panel you want to access—Preferences, Send Fax, Receive Fax,...

    • Page 70: Setting Up Fax Preferences

      Setting Up Fax Preferences When the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility is launched, it displays the Preferences setup panel. You can change the following options on this panel. Date Format You can select the format used to display the date on the MultiPASS LCD and for printing the date on a fax from the list.

    • Page 71: Setting Up Send Fax Options

      Setting Up Send Fax Options To access the Send Fax setup panel, click the Send Fax tab in the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility window. You can change the following options on the Send Fax setup panel. Fax Information You can specify the following information that displays as the header for a fax: your name or company name and fax number.

    • Page 72: Setting Up Advanced Send Fax Options

      Restore Defaults If you want to restore the options on the Send Fax panel to the factory defaults, click the Restore Defaults button. Setting Up Advanced Send Fax Options You can change the following options by clicking the Advanced button on the Send Fax setup panel.

    • Page 73

      Auto Start Send When you select this option, the MultiPASS starts scanning automatically when you enter a number and press dial number. If you don’t select this option, you must press to scan the document. The default is Auto Start Send enabled. Off Hook Alarm You select this option to turn on the alarm if the telephone’s handset is off-hook.

    • Page 74: Setting Up Receive Fax Options

      Setting Up Receive Fax Options To access the Receive Fax setup panel, click the Receive Fax tab on the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility window. You can change the following options in the Receive Fax setup panel. Paper Size You can select the size of the paper you are using for printing a fax. The default is U.S.

    • Page 75

      MultiPASS should ring for the fax call. The MultiPASS will only ring if you have connected a telephone. The default is 2 rings. Receive Conditions For the MultiPASS C635, the Receive Condition is always set to Print Fax. Report Print...

    • Page 76: Setting Up Advanced Receive Fax Options

      Setting Up Advanced Receive Fax Options You can change the following options by clicking the Advanced button on the Receive Fax setup panel. Speed You can set the transmission speed used to receive faxes. The default is 14,400 bps. The higher the setting, the faster the fax is received. If you experience problems when receiving faxes, try a lower speed setting.

    • Page 77

      Ring Tone You can set the volume level of the ring tone. The default is Medium. Ring Time When your MultiPASS is set to receive both fax and telephone calls, it rings to inform you of an incoming telephone call. If you do not pick up the telephone within a certain amount of time, the MultiPASS stops ringing.

    • Page 78

      DRPD Switch Options You can select this option if you subscribe to the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) service through your phone company. You then specify each ring pattern you have been assigned, with its associated action, fax ID, and fax number. When you select this option, the Receive mode is automatically set to receive both fax and telephone calls.

    • Page 79: Setting Up Speed Dial Assignments, Maintaining Your Fax Address Book

      Setting Up Speed Dial Assignments To access the Speed Dial panel, click the Speed Dial tab in the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility. On the Speed Dial tab, you can set up fax numbers for speed dialing with the MultiPASS. You add the fax recipients in the fax Address Book list, then assign the desired individual to speed dial codes.

    • Page 80: Assigning An Individual To A Speed Dial Code

      To change a recipient’s name or fax number, click their name in the Address Book list and then click Edit. In the Address Data Entry dialog box, change the appropriate information and then click OK. To remove a recipient from the list, select the recipient in the Address Book list, and then click Delete.

    • Page 81: Defining A Group Speed Dial Code

      Defining a Group Speed Dial Code This section provides instructions for assigning two or more recipients to a speed dial code. 1. On the Speed Dial tab, make sure the desired recipients for your group are set up as individual speed dial assignments. 2.

    • Page 82: Sending A Document

      You can use the MultiPASS C635 to send paper faxes. You can customize the fax settings of your MultiPASS by changing the factory default user settings. This might include the date format that displays on your faxed documents, or how many times the MultiPASS calls another fax unit if the other party’s line is initially busy.

    • Page 83: Regular Dialing

      ❍ Use the numeric buttons to dial the number. Dial the other party’s fax number. Press START/COPY. Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 Document Feeder (ADF). See page 1-14. is in use, then displays the current resolution, and then the message DOCUMENT READY...

    • Page 84

      When the document has been sent successfully, the display shows these messages: Chapter 4 TX/RX NO. 0001 SCANNING P .001 CALLING 11234567899 TX/RX NO. 0001 CANON FAX BACK 11234567899 ECM TX P .001 TRANSMITTING OK TX/RX NO. 0001 Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 85: Automatic Dialing

      See “Setting Up Speed Dial Assignments” in Chapter 3, Using the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility. ❍ Place the document face down in the ADF. Load the document. DOCUMENT READY Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 4...

    • Page 86

      START/COPY light is flashing for any reason, correct the error ALARM . You may need to open the operator panel to STOP Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 CCSI/MKT . Then press the correct CODED DIAL within five seconds, the...

    • Page 87: Sending A Document Using Group Dialing

      Press START/COPY. ❍ The MultiPASS starts scanning your document into ❍ After scanning the document into memory, the Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 DOCUMENT READY and the code under which you registered the group. DIAL 02 CANON GROUP...

    • Page 88: Redialing

      . The MultiPASS redials the REDIAL and the transaction number while the AUTO REDIAL TX/RX NO. XXXX ; try sending again later. BUSY/NO SIGNAL BUSY/NO SIGNAL Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 message. Make . You can then try again.

    • Page 89: Resending A Fax After An Error

      ❍ The page on which the error occurred and all pages following the error (Error Pages) The fax is erased from memory after it is successfully sent or after the resending fails. Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 button. However, you STOP YES = (*) NO = (#) .

    • Page 90: Manual Sending

      ❍ Be sure to press will disconnect the call. Chapter 4 DOCUMENT READY TEL= SYMBOLS OPER TONE START/COPY Faxing starts. before you hang up, or you START/COPY Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 4567899 START/COPY...

    • Page 91: Cancel Sending

      Press or #. If you press to open the operator panel to remove the document (see page 8-3). 4-10 Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 immediately. STOP YES = (*) to cancel or press # to continue the transmission. TX/RX CANCELLED Transmission continues.

    • Page 92: Transmitting The Document

      Transmitting the Document ❍ Place the document face down in the ADF. Feed the document. Chapter 4 = up to 6 destinations = up to 50 destinations = 1 destination only DOCUMENT READY Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 after START/COPY 4-11...

    • Page 93

      ❍ You can enter only one number directly from the numeric Press START/COPY. ❍ The MultiPASS scans the entire document into memory 4-12 Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 TEL= SYMBOLS OPER TONE press the desired one-touch speed dialing button or press followed by the two-digit code.

    • Page 94: Adjusting The Quality Of Your Faxes, Setting The Resolution

      Adjusting the Quality of Your Faxes Canon’s Ultra High Quality (UHQ™) imaging technology enables you to send faxes that have a print quality very close to that of the original document. The MultiPASS also allows you to adjust the resolution and contrast it uses in sending faxes to best suit your particular document.

    • Page 95

      (black and white) which it uses otherwise. This gives a much better reproduction of the photos, though transmission time is longer. TONE COLOR COPY inoperative when sending faxes. 4-14 Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 RESOLUTION REDIAL/PAUSE COLOR COPY B&W FAX/COPY CODED DIAL SYMBOLS...

    • Page 96: Setting The Contrast

      To darken a light original, choose Darker; to lighten a dark original, choose Lighter. Chapter 4 FAX STANDARD once or twice more to display the B&W FAX/COPY FAX STANDARD FAX FINE FAX PHOTO 08/11/99 FaxTel Sending Faxes With the MultiPASS C635 4-15...

    • Page 97: Receiving Documents

      The MultiPASS has four Receive Modes: ❍ Fax Only Mode ❍ Fax/Tel Mode ❍ Manual Mode ❍ Answer Machine Mode You set the Receive Mode during the MultiPASS installation procedure. (See your Quick Start Guide for details.) You can change the Receive Mode and the Receive Fax options through the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility.

    • Page 98: Receiving Documents Automatically—fax Only Mode, Receiving Both Documents And Telephone Calls Automatically Fax/tel Mode

      Receiving Documents Automatically—Fax Only Mode When you set up the MultiPASS for a dedicated fax line, the unit is prepared to automatically receive a document whenever a call comes over the fax line. If a voice call comes in, the caller will hear the fax tone. Receiving Both Documents and Telephone Calls Automatically—Fax/Tel Mode In Fax/Tel Mode, the MultiPASS monitors all incoming calls over the...

    • Page 99: Receiving Documents Manually—manual Mode

      Receiving Documents Manually—Manual Mode You will want to set your MultiPASS to receive documents manually when you want to personally check each incoming call to see if it is from a fax or from a person. You must have a telephone attached to the MultiPASS.

    • Page 100: Using An Answering Machine—ans. Machine Mode

      (Four seconds is the default; you can change this value.) Canon does not recommend using an “answering service” (like those offered by local telephone companies that provide voice mail) on the telephone line you are connecting to the MultiPASS.

    • Page 101: Printing Documents Received In Memory

      Using the MultiPASS With an Answering Machine Follow these guidelines when using the MultiPASS with an answering machine: ❍ Set the answering machine to answer on the first or second ring. ❍ If the MultiPASS runs out of paper or ink in Answer Machine Mode, it receives all faxes into its memory.

    • Page 102: Receiving While Copying, Printing, Or Registering, Printing A Received Fax Stored In Memory

      Receiving While Copying, Printing, or Registering Because the MultiPASS supports multitasking, you can receive a document or a phone call while you are: ❍ Making a copy ❍ Printing a document ❍ Entering information If you are making copies or printing a document and the MultiPASS receives a fax, it stores the document in its memory.

    • Page 103: Using The Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (drpd) Feature

      Press < or > on the one-touch speed dialing keypad. Press START/COPY. START/COPY Once the MultiPASS prints a fax, it erases the fax from its memory. Using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Feature Some phone companies offer a distinctive ring pattern (DRP) service whereby they assign two or more telephone numbers with distinctive ring patterns to a single telephone line.

    • Page 104: Types Of Ring Patterns, How Drpd Responds To Calls

      Types of Ring Patterns Your telephone company will assign a distinctive ring pattern to each number when you order the DRP service. The setting you make in the MultiPASS must match the setting assigned by the telephone company. You can set the MultiPASS for the following ring patterns: ❍...

    • Page 105: Communicating Using The Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection Drpd) Feature

      Your Setting Fax/Tel Communicating Using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Feature Using the MultiPASS with a DRP service is almost the same as using it with a normal telephone line. When you turn on DRPD, the Receive Mode defaults to Fax/Tel Mode. (You cannot change this Receive Mode.) When someone calls using the number assigned for telephone communication, the MultiPASS rings in the pattern you registered...

    • Page 106: Launching Scantastic

      Choose ScanTastic Central from the Apple menu, or Double-click the ScanTastic Central icon in the MultiPASS Desktop Manager folder on your hard drive. Chapter 6 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 ® ® Photoshop Plug-in standard. Scanning With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 107: Exploring The Scantastic Window

      To use ScanTastic as a plug-in in PhotoDeluxe PageMaker Insert the Canon Creative for Your Mac CD and double-click the MultiPASS C635 icon. Then double-click on the Plug-In Setup button. The ScanTastic application file will be copied into the appropriate Plug-Ins folder located in your application’s folder.

    • Page 108: Using The Device Panel

      Monitor–72 dpi: Best for images destined for display on your computer screen. C635–Color/Best: For scanned images that will be printed in Best resolution mode, in Full Color, with your MultiPASS C635 printer driver. C635–Color/Normal: For scanned images that will be printed in Normal resolution mode, in Full Color, with your MultiPASS C635 printer driver.

    • Page 109

      The available resolution is tied to the value in the Scale field. Always scale the image, as described in the following section, before changing the resolution. Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 6...

    • Page 110: Picking An Image Type, Scaling The Image

      For best results you should scale the image in ScanTastic rather than in another program. Scaling the image (particularly enlarging) after scanning can degrade image quality. Chapter 6 LINE ART GRAY COLOR Scanning With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 111: Previewing The Image

      Select Inches, Picas, Points, Centimeters, Millimeters, or Pixels. Previewing the Image To preview an image, place a document in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and click the Prescan button. The image appears in the Preview window: Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 6...

    • Page 112: Selecting Or Cropping An Area To Scan, Zooming In On A Selected Area

      Tool just beneath the Selection tool. Then click & drag across the region you want to see enlarged. The selected area is re-scanned and enlarged in the Preview window. Make sure the document is inserted in the ADF. Chapter 6 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 113: Scanning And Saving The Final Image

      For instructions on converting the image to text, consult your TextBridge Pro documentation. The OCR button is only available if you have TextBridge Pro installed. Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 ® Pro. (At this time, TextBridge Pro will only OCR an...

    • Page 114: Enhancing Images With Scantastic

      Image enhancements are saved along with the output device setting and can be applied to future scans. (Refer to page 6-20 for instructions on how to save changed settings and refer to page 6-26 for instructions on how to rebuild the settings.) Chapter 6 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 115: Performing In Hardware, Using Manual Balance

      The eye dropper on the right sets the black point, the center dropper is for mid-tones, and the left most eye dropper controls the highlight areas. Use these tools to pick an area in the preview that best represents the darkest and lightest points. 6-10 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 6...

    • Page 116

      Click and drag around the wheel to set the desired hue and saturation and slide the scroll bar to set the appropriate brightness. Repeat the above procedure to manually set the mid-tone and black points. Chapter 6 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 6-11...

    • Page 117: Adjusting Brightness And Contrast

      Sharpness and softness can be adjusted with the third Enhancement icon. Alter the image Sharpness by clicking on the slider handles and dragging them to the left or right. The numeric values reflect the position of the slider. 6-12 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 6...

    • Page 118

      ScanTastic allows you to easily locate a color range in the equalizer by simply moving the pointer over a specific area of your image and clicking while you press the Option key on your keyboard. Chapter 6 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 6-13...

    • Page 119

      To work with an individual color channel, click in the box of the desired color. When the Image Type is set to Gray, only changes made to the Master channel have any effect. 6-14 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 6...

    • Page 120

      Chapter 6 LIGHTER DARKER SHADOWS HIGHLIGHTS Description Lightest portion of the image Part of the image between dark and light tones Darkest portion of the image Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 6-15...

    • Page 121: Changing Gamma Curve Values

      Another method of adjusting the tone curves is to use the Gamma Bar. SHADOWS Click and drag within the Gamma Bar, located above the numerical values. 6-16 Scanning With the MultiPASS C635 HIGHLIGHTS 3/4 TONES MID-TONES 1/4 TONES Chapter 6...

    • Page 122: Using Auto Balance

      As you move right and left, the gamma increases or decreases in value. The tone curve is automatically modified as you adjust the gamma. As you drag, a gamma value will appear in the upper left corner of the tone curve. With each modification of the tone curve or gamma, the adjusted representation of your image will be updated to reflect the changes.

    • Page 123: Using The Advanced Functions Of Scantastic, Customizing The Device Panel

      The three C635 device settings are pre-set to obtain the best results for scans to be printed in different resolution and color modes on the MultiPASS C635. To customize the descriptions in the device panel, first click the icon you wish to customize.

    • Page 124

      Output Device: The name of the printer, printer setting, or other output device where the scan is destined. Res: The resolution (or dpi) equivalent to the selected print mode. For your monitor or fax/modem, see your owner’s manual for this specification if unknown.

    • Page 125: Automatic Batch Scanning

      Remember, each setting in the Enhancement panel is associated with a given output device icon and can be used to create a custom setup for a variety of output devices. To save Output Device settings: ScanTastic allows you to save settings attached to each icon. This means you can customize six different settings.

    • Page 126

      When acquiring a batch, all settings—including the size of the area chosen with the selection tool—are applied to each of the images in the session. 6. Once adjustments are made, remember to place the sheet just previewed back into the document feeder and click Scan. You are notified when the document feeder is empty.

    • Page 127: Adjusting Histogram Tone Levels

      Adjusting Histogram Tone Levels The Preview window contains a number of useful tools to help you analyze an image beyond what appears on the screen. A histogram is a useful tool for viewing how levels of gray are distributed throughout an image. This feedback is useful regardless of the condition of your computer monitor and is considerably more accurate.

    • Page 128

      Here is the same adjustment using the Perform in Hardware check box. Because the adjustment was made inside the MultiPASS, the quality of the image will be smoother, with less posterization. Adjusting Color Distribution Values You may have heard of a device called the Densitometer. This device is used in the printing industry to measure the amount of ink on the printed page.

    • Page 129: Using Scantastic As A Plug-in

      Photoshop plug-in standard. To install and use ScanTastic as a plug-in: 1. Insert the Canon Creative for Your Mac CD and double-click the MultiPASS C635 icon. Then double-click on the Plug-In Setup button. The ScanTastic application file will be copied into the appropriate Plug-Ins folder in your application’s folder.

    • Page 130: Troubleshooting, Poor Image Quality On The Screen, Poor Image Quality When Printing

      Troubleshooting Poor Image Quality On the Screen There are two main causes of poor image quality while viewing images on the screen. The first place to check for image quality is your Monitors setting. Locate the Monitors control panel from the Control Panels command in the Apple menu.

    • Page 131: Rebuilding Scantastic Preferences

      Rebuilding ScanTastic Preferences The settings in the Output Device panel have been pre-set to achieve the best results for scans destined for your screen, for printing on your MultiPASS in different print modes, or for other output devices. Any changes you make to any of the Device Panel settings are automatically saved by ScanTastic.

    • Page 132

      ❍ Cleaning the BJ cartridge print head ❍ BJ cartridge guidelines ❍ Replacing the BJ cartridge ❍ Replacing a BJ tank in the BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge ❍ Storing a BJ cartridge ❍ Transporting the MultiPASS Chapter 7 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 133: Multipass Guidelines

      ❍ For your safety, unplug the MultiPASS during electrical storms. ❍ Lift the MultiPASS from the bottom only. Do not lift the unit by the operator panel or any of its trays. GRIP HERE Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 Chapter 7...

    • Page 134: Routine Maintenance, Cleaning Inside The Multipass

      MultiPASS, as these can damage its components. ❍ Avoid touching the print head or ribbon cable inside the MultiPASS. DO NOT TOUCH RIBBON CABLE Chapter 7 DO NOT TOUCH THE PRINT HEAD Maintaining the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 135: Cleaning The Scanner Components

      Cleaning the Scanner Components Periodically check and clean the scanning components as explained here. Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the MultiPASS. Open the operator panel by gently pulling it toward you. Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 PLATEN Chapter 7...

    • Page 136

      Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the components. Do not use tissue paper. Dust from the tissue paper causes static electricity. Chapter 7 SEPARATION GUIDE SCANNING GLASS SEPARATION ROLLER Maintaining the MultiPASS C635...

    • Page 137

      ❍ Press the center of the operator panel until it locks into When you are finished, close the operator panel. ❍ Plug the unit back in. Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 of the operator panel also affect the quality of the documents you copy or send. the rollers. place.

    • Page 138: Printing The Nozzle Check

      This is normal. The following sample shows the Nozzle Check when the optional BC-20 Black BJ Cartridge is installed. Chapter 7 FUNCTION NOZZLE CHECK START/COPY The pattern starts printing. Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN BLACK...

    • Page 139: Cleaning The Bj Cartridge Print Head

      Press START/COPY. ❍ When cleaning ends, the MultiPASS beeps once to let you ❍ Do this five consecutive times if necessary. ❍ If the problem persists, install a new BJ cartridge. Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 FUNCTION FUNCTION HEAD CLEANING START/COPY The unit cleans the print head.

    • Page 140: Bj Cartridge Guidelines, Bj Cartridge And Bj Tank Maintenance

      BJ Cartridge. Attempting to use the BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge with one BJ tank only may cause ink clogging. Chapter 7 Color Slot Black Slot Cartridge Cartridge BCl-21 BCl-21 Color Black Made in Japan Made in Japan Color BJ BC-21e Cartridge Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 Made in Japan...

    • Page 141: Using Ink

      For optimum printing results, Canon recommends that you use the Canon BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge or the optional Canon BC-20 Black Cartridge with your MultiPASS. When replacing BJ tanks in the BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge, Canon recommends that you use the Canon BCI-21 Color and BCI-21 Black BJ Tanks.

    • Page 142: Replacing The Bj Cartridge

      BJ tank. To replace the BJ cartridge, follow these steps: Press the CARTRIDGE CARTRIDGE button. Chapter 7 message in the LCD. The cartridge holder moves to the center of the unit. Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 7-11...

    • Page 143

      BJ cartridge or the silver metal or circuit area on the side. The metal area may become hot during printing. 7-12 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 button to move the cartridge holder to the center of DO NOT TOUCH THE...

    • Page 144

      B C l- B la c M ad e in Ja pa M ad e in Ja pa Co lor Ca rtr Ma de in Ja idg e B C -2 pa n Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 7-13...

    • Page 145

      ❍ Be careful not to touch the silver plate on the bottom straight into the cartridge holder. 7-14 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 print head; then remove the orange tape. Remember that spilled ink can stain any surface; protect yourself and your work area.

    • Page 146

      Be sure to set the paper thickness lever for the type of BJ cartridge you installed. See “Setting the Paper Thickness Lever” in Chapter 2, Printing With the MultiPASS C635, for details. Chapter 7 r t r l - 2...

    • Page 147: Replacing A Bj Tank In The Bc-21e Color Bj Cartridge

      After allowing it to cool, plug the unit in again and press CARTRIDGE unit. 7-16 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 CARTRIDGE The cartridge holder then moves to the center of the unit. button to move the cartridge holder to the center of the...

    • Page 148

      ❍ Remove the orange protective cap. Take the new BJ tank out of ❍ Do not touch the bottom of the BJ tank; you may get ink its packaging. on your hands. Chapter 7 l - 2 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 7-17...

    • Page 149

      If you unplug the unit while it is printing, or move the BJ cartridge from the home position, the cartridge will not be capped and may dry out. 7-18 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 l - 2 r t r l - 2 for the other BJ tank.

    • Page 150: Storing A Bj Cartridge

      Ca rtr C o lo id ge B C l- B la ck Ma de Ja pa Ma de Ja pa Co lor Ca rtr Ma de idg e B C -2 in Ja pa n Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 7-19...

    • Page 151: Transporting The Multipass

      ❍ Remove the sending document support. Lower the paper rest and remove ❍ Remove the document support and output tray extension. all trays. 7-20 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 tape the BJ cartridge and cartridge holder to the side of the unit. Chapter 7...

    • Page 152

      (If you use foam peanuts, be sure to wrap the unit in plastic first to prevent the packing materials from entering any openings in the unit.) Chapter 7 Maintaining the MultiPASS C635 7-21...

    • Page 153

      Canon” in Chapter 1, Introduction, for details. Canon’s support personnel are trained in the technical support of Canon’s products and should be able to help you with your problem. If your printer requires service, they can provide you with the telephone number of your local Canon Authorized Service Facility (ASF).

    • Page 154

      Attempting to repair the MultiPASS yourself may void the limited warranty as to that repair. See the limited warranty card for details. If you need to contact Canon directly, make sure you have the following information: ❍ Product name—MultiPASS C635 ❍...

    • Page 155: Paper Jams, Jams In The Automatic Document Feeder (adf)

      Paper Jams On occasion, the document feeding into the MultiPASS or the paper in its sheet feeder may misfeed or jam. You can usually clear the problem easily. You need not unplug the MultiPASS to clear paper jams. Jams in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Press STOP.

    • Page 156

      ❍ While holding the operator panel open, remove the Remove the document. ❍ Pull it in either direction, but DO NOT force it. ❍ If a multipage document is loaded, remove the entire ❍ Gently press the operator panel until it clicks closed. Close the operator panel.

    • Page 157: Jams In The Sheet Feeder

      Jams in the Sheet Feeder Gently pull any jammed paper out of the unit. ❍ Fan the paper, and tap it on a flat surface to even out Remove the stack the stack. of paper from the sheet feeder. ❍ Reinsert the paper into the sheet feeder. Make sure you adjust the paper guide to the stack, and that the stack does not exceed the limit mark.

    • Page 158: General Troubleshooting Procedures, General Printing Problems

      General Troubleshooting Procedures General Printing Problems Most printing problems can be resolved by this general troubleshooting procedure. Step 1. Preview the Output When printing your document, review your output using the Preview option in the Print dialog. This option shows you the image sent to the MultiPASS printer driver.

    • Page 159

      If you experience output quality problems, adjust the print settings to a different output resolution or color depth. See “Printing Tips” in Chapter 2, Printing With the MultiPASS C635. Step 4. Remove Corrupted Print or Preference Files If you do experience a problem while printing, old print jobs may remain in your system, and the printer drivers preference files can be corrupted.

    • Page 160: Memory Considerations

      Step 5. Reset Hardware and Check Printer Connections Cables do come loose or the circuitry can get confused. Often the best thing to do is to shut everything down and restart. 1. Shutdown your Mac. 2. Turn off the MultiPASS. 3.

    • Page 161

      2. Click on the application once to highlight it. 3. Select Get Info from the File Menu. The Info window will appear. 4. In the Preferred Size box, enter a new value. Increasing the Preferred Size by 1,000K is a good start. 5.

    • Page 162: Lcd Messages

      LCD Messages The following messages are displayed in the LCD when the MultiPASS is performing a function or encounters an error. The Error Code appears on the Activity Report. Message Error Code — AUTO REDIAL #005/018 BUSY/NO SIGNAL CARTRIDGE JAMMED 8-10 Troubleshooting Cause...

    • Page 163

      Message Error Code #052 CHANGE CARTRIDGE #001 CHECK DOCUMENT CHECK PAPER SIZE — CHECK PRINTER — CLEAR PAPER JAM — COMMUNICATING PLEASE WAIT Chapter 8 Cause Action The BJ cartridge is Replace the BJ cartridge. empty or its ink has The unit will then dried out.

    • Page 164

      Message Error Code — DIALING #003 DOC TOO LONG — DOCUMENT READY — ECM RX — ECM TX — HANG UP PHONE — INSTALL BC-20/21 — INSTALL BC-21 — LOAD PAPER 8-12 Troubleshooting Cause Action The MultiPASS is Press dialing the receiving want to cancel the fax machine.

    • Page 165

      Message Error Code #037 MEMORY FULL — MEMORY FULL PLEASE WAIT — MEMORY USED #005 NO ANSWER #012 NO RX PAPER #022 NO TEL # #025 NOT AVAILABLE NOW — PLEASE WAIT — PUT IN CARTRIDGE Chapter 8 Cause Action The memory of the Print out any documents MultiPASS is full...

    • Page 166

      Message Error Code #009 REC. PAPER JAM — RECEIVED IN FILE — REC’D IN MEMORY — START AGAIN — STOP KEY PRESSED — TALK — TX/RX CANCELLED nnnn — TX/RX NO. 8-14 Troubleshooting Cause Action The MultiPASS has no Add paper or clear the paper in its sheet feeder, jam, then press or has a paper jam.

    • Page 167: Printing Problems

      Printing Problems Problem Cause Printer not responding Hardware or software. USB-to-Parallel. MultiPASS C635 Cannot locate the Extensions does not appear in folder. the Chooser Cannot set background SpoolMaster and SpoolLauncher If the SpoolMaster software printing are not installed or loaded.

    • Page 168

      Problem The ALARM light comes on and the MultiPASS beeps while printing Data from computer is not printed 8-16 Troubleshooting Cause The MultiPASS may have a paper jam. The power cord may not be plugged in securely. The MultiPASS may have been plugged in or the computer may turn off the computer.

    • Page 169

      Then configured correctly for communicating with the MultiPASS. Check the interface cable’s connections. Make sure you have selected the MultiPASS C635 printer in in the Chooser. Turn your Mac on before turning on the MultiPASS. Troubleshooting 8-17...

    • Page 170

      Make sure you select the MultiPASS C635 printer in in the Chooser. Remove each sheet as it is printed. Allow it to dry, then roll it in the opposite direction of the curl.

    • Page 171: Print Quality Problems

      Print Quality Problems Problem Cause Print quality is not what The paper you are using you expect; print is not may not be supported by clear; splashed or missing the unit. dots, white streaks You may be printing on the wrong side of the paper.

    • Page 172: Color Printing And Copying Problems

      Problem Fonts do not print as smoothly rounded characters Blurred or smudged ink Color Printing and Copying Problems Problem Printer prints only in black (you are printing from an application that supports color printing but your output is black ink only) not be installed or may not to make sure the BC-21e Color 8-20 Troubleshooting...

    • Page 173: Paper Feeding Problems

      Problem Cause Colors are missing The print head may need to be cleaned. Hue changes The print nozzles may be clogged with dust. A BJ tank may be empty. Paper Feeding Problems Problem Cause Paper does not load The sheet feeder may contain too many sheets.

    • Page 174

      Problem Multiple sheets load into unit at the same time (continued) Repeated paper jams occur Envelopes do not load 8-22 Troubleshooting Cause Different types of paper may be stacked in the sheet feeder. The paper you are using may be causing the jams. Envelopes may not be loaded correctly.

    • Page 175: Faxing Problems

      Problem Cause Envelopes do not load Envelopes may not match (continued) specifications for this unit. Faxing Problems Problem Cause Cannot send a The MultiPASS may have document overheated. The MultiPASS may not be set for the type of telephone line in use (pulse/tone). The document may not have been fed correctly into the MultiPASS.

    • Page 176

      Problem Images on faxes received from the MultiPASS are spotted or dirty Cannot send or receive using Error Correction Mode (ECM) Errors occur frequently while sending or receiving Cannot receive a fax automatically 8-24 Troubleshooting Cause The receiving fax machine may not be working properly.

    • Page 177

      Problem Cause The MultiPASS does The MultiPASS may not not switch automatically be in Fax/Tel mode. between telephone and fax transmissions There may be a document in memory. An error may have occurred during reception. The sheet feeder may be empty.

    • Page 178: Scanning Problems

      Problem Faxes do not print Fax images print blotched or uneven Scanning Problems Problem TextBridge Pro reports it “found an unsupported feature in the TIFF image file” (the file was created by ScanTastic) Unexplained scanning 8-26 Troubleshooting Cause The BJ cartridge may not be installed correctly.

    • Page 179: Telephone Problems

      Problem Cause Poor line art scan results Increase resolution. Poor quality scanned Your screen representation image on screen may be inaccurate. Poor quality scan Your scan mode may be incorrect. Your resolution setting may be incorrect. Your application settings may be incorrect. Telephone Problems Problem Cause...

    • Page 180: Copying Problems

      Problem The phone disconnects while you are talking on the line Copying Problems Problem The MultiPASS will not make a copy MEMORY FULL appears in the LCD when you are making multiple copies 8-28 Troubleshooting Cause The MultiPASS may not be plugged in properly.

    • Page 181: General Problems

      General Problems Problem Cause The MultiPASS has The power cord may not be no power securely plugged into the unit. The power cord may not be supplying power. The MultiPASS will not The MultiPASS may have a print reports BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge installed, and its black BJ tank may be empty.

    • Page 182: Memory Clear Report

      Memory Clear Report The Memory Clear Report summarizes the documents that were cleared from memory when a power failure occurred. This report is generated automatically. ❍ If you experience a power failure, any documents stored in memory will be lost. ❍...

    • Page 183: Printing Specifications

      COM 10 envelope—9.50 in × 4.125 in Monarch envelope—7.50 in × 3.875 in DL envelope—110 mm × 220 mm C5 envelope—162 mm × 229 mm Canon Brilliant White Paper Canon Bubble Jet Paper Canon Glossy Photo Paper Canon Greeting Cards...

    • Page 184

      Paper Weight Print Speed Print Width Line Feed Speed Printing Resolution Printable Area—Papers The shaded portion in the following figure shows the printing area for paper. The table lists the minimum margins. Printable Area—Envelopes The shaded portion in the following figure shows the printing area for a COM10 envelope.

    • Page 185: Bj Cartridges, Facsimile

      BJ Cartridges BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge Print head Print head life BJ tanks Ink color BJ tank yield BC-20 Black BJ Cartridge Print head Ink color Cartridge yield Facsimile Applicable line Compatibility Data compression system Modem type Modem speed Transmission speed Transmission/ reception...

    • Page 186

      Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Fax resolution Fax printing speed Dialing Other Features/ Networking Report/Reference Based on the CCITT #1 Chart, Standard mode Specifications 30 pages, letter size (based on 20 lb paper); 10 pages, legal size Fine mode—203 × 196 dpi; Standard mode—203 ×...

    • Page 187: Copier, Scanner

      Copier Copying resolution Default size Reduction sizes Copy speed Multiple copies Scanner Scanning method Scanning image processing Paper Size Color Scanning Resolution Effective scanning width Compatibility Scanning speed Document sizes W x L) Appendix A Black and White—360 × 360 dpi (256 grayscale) Color—360 ×...

    • Page 188: Multipass System Requirements

      Scanned image The actual scanned image size for the MultiPASS C635 is shown below. This information applies to documents that will be scanned. There is a 0.12 in (3.0 mm) margin on either side of the sheet and a 0.16 in (4.0 mm) margin on the top and bottom that are not picked up by the scanner.

    • Page 189: General Specifications

      General Specifications Power Source Power Consumption Dimension (W x D x H) Weight Environmental Conditions Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Display Languages Telephone Appendix A 120V/60Hz Approx. 30W (maximum) Approx. 6W (standby) 15.8 in × 14.4 in × 8.1 in (400 mm × 365 mm × 205 mm) Main unit –...

    • Page 190

      Space Requirements 24.3 in (618 mm) 14.4 in (365 mm) Specifications Appendix A...

    • Page 191: Receiving Faxes And Phone Calls Automatically—fax/tel Mode

      Receiving Faxes and Phone Calls Automatically—Fax/Tel Mode In Fax/Tel mode, the MultiPASS monitors all incoming calls to see whether the call is from another fax machine or from a telephone: Type of call Telephone charges begin for caller. RING START TIME (Factory default setting = 8 sec) F/T RING TIME...

    • Page 192: Lcd Menu System

      Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax If you plan to use the MultiPASS C635 as a stand-alone fax, and you do not install the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility (part of the MultiPASS Desktop Manager software package), you must enter your name and fax number from the operator panel.

    • Page 193: Entering Information In The Multipass

      Press < or > to move the cursor under the wrong character, and then enter the correct character. • Press Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax Description/Settings Select PLAIN PAPER when printing or copying on plain paper, or HIGH RES. PAPER for special print media, such as Canon’s High...

    • Page 194: Entering Your User Information

      Enter today’s date and the ❍ Precede single digits with a zero. time using the numeric buttons. OPER TONE Appendix B FUNCTION USER SETTINGS DATE & TIME 06/08/99 11/15/99 SYMBOLS Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax 15:36 00:00...

    • Page 195

      Enter your fax number (up to 20 digits) using the numeric buttons. ❍ You can enter a space with the > button to make your Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax 07:30 = 7:30 17:05 = 5:05 11/15/99 SYMBOLS...

    • Page 196

      < or > (on the one-touch speed dialing keypad) and entering the correct character. Appendix B DATA ENTRY OK UNIT NAME CANON FAX BACK Characters ABCabc2 DEFdef3 GHIghi4 MNOmno6 PQRSpqrs7 TUVtuv8 WXYZwxyz9 -.*#!”,;:^’_=/|’[email protected]%&+()[]{}<> Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax JKLjk15...

    • Page 197

      Press START/COPY START/COPY DATA ENTRY OK when you finish entering your name. Press STOP to STOP The MultiPASS returns to standby complete the mode. registration. Appendix B Using the MultiPASS C635 as a Stand-alone Fax...

    • Page 198: Glossary

      Glossary Automatic dialing Dialing fax or telephone numbers by using a shortcut of pressing one to three buttons. To use automatic dialing, you must register the numbers in the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility. See also one-touch speed dialing keypad, coded speed dialing, and group dialing. Automatic document feeder (ADF) Refers to the document tray in which you stack the document you want to fax, copy, or scan.

    • Page 199

      CCITT #1 Chart A test chart, defined by CCITT/ITU-TS, used to measure the transmission speed as well as the transmitting and receiving memory capacity of a fax machine. CCITT/ITU-TS Formerly known as CCITT, Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone. CCITT has been replaced by the International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunications Sector (ITU-TS), a committee created to set international standards for telecommunications.

    • Page 200

      Document The sheet of paper containing the data that you send to or receive from a fax. Dots per inch. A unit of measurement for indicating a printer’s resolution. DRPD Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection. Allows you to assign up to five different ring patterns to distinguish voice and fax calls using your telephone company’s special services.

    • Page 201

      Group dialing A dialing method that enables you to dial up to 55 registered one-touch speed dialing or coded speed dialing numbers together as a group. This means that you can press just one to three buttons to enter numbers when sending the same document to many destinations.

    • Page 202

      At the receiving end, this device converts the modulated data (DEModulates) to digital format that the computer understands. MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility Canon’s exclusive software package that allows you to use the MultiPASS to send and receive faxes. Noise A term applied to a variety of problems that impair the operation of telephone lines used for faxing.

    • Page 203

      (the printable area is smaller than the paper). Printer driver Software that sends printing instructions to a printer (in this case, the MultiPASS C635). The printer driver keeps track of the attributes of a printer and the codes the program must send to access those attributes. Pulse See Rotary pulse.

    • Page 204

      Redialing, automatic See Automatic redialing. Redialing, manual See Manual redialing. Reduction mode The MultiPASS’s automatic feature that reduces the received image to ensure it fits on the page. You can turn this feature on/off with the Reduce to Fit Paper option in the Receive Fax panel of the MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility.

    • Page 205

      Software you can use so that you can continue to use your computer while you print. For more information, see Chapter 2, Printing with the MultiPASS C635. Standby The mode in which the MultiPASS is on and ready to use. All operations start from Standby mode when the LCD displays the date and Receive mode.

    • Page 206

      Refers to how the typeface appears: slanted (italic) or upright. UHQ (Ultra High Quality) An exclusive Canon digital image processing system that incorporates 64 shades of gray along with a special edge enhancement feature which ensures that text and photos are transmitted with ultimate clarity.

    • Page 207: Index

      8 Colors setting: 2-13 72 dpi: 6-3 180×180 dpi: 2-11 216 dpi: 6-3 360×360 dpi: 2-11, A-5 720×360 dpi: 2-11 A4 paper size: A-1 Accessories: 1-2–3 Adding pages, to document: 1-16 Address book, faxing: 3-12–13 ADF: See Automatic document feeder Adjusting color distribution: 6-23–24 contrast and brightness: 6-12...

    • Page 208

      C635 Color/Best scanning: 6-3 Color/Normal scanning: 6-3 Grayscale/Normal scanning: 6-3 Calls, responding: 5-8–9 Cancel sending, fax: 4-10 Cancelling, print job: 2-16 Canon Authorized Service facility (ASF): 1-5, 8-1 Canada: 1-4 help: 1-4 Specialty Papers: 1-3, 2-2–3, 2-31–34 Web site: 1-4...

    • Page 209

      5-7–9 mode: 3-8 ring pattern: 3-11 switch options: 3-11 Drying time, specialty papers: 2-31 Effective scanning width: A-5 E-mail support, Canon: 1-4 Enhancement panel: 6-9, 6-20 Enhancing images: 6-9–18 Enlarging, print job: 2-6 Entering information: B-2–6 Envelopes: 2-21, 2-28–30, A-1 printable area: A-2 printing: 2-28–30...

    • Page 210

      6-19 Hard disk space: A-6 Hardware connections: 8-8 function: 7-8, B-2 HEAD CLEANING Help, Canon: 1-4 High Gloss Film: 1-3, 2-3, 2-21, 2-31, A-1 High Resolution Paper: 1-3, 1-19, 2-3, 2-21–22, 2-32–34, A-1 Hilite eye dropper: 6-11 Histogram tone levels: 6-22–23...

    • Page 211

      Landscape orientation: 2-7 Launching MultiPASS Fax Setup Utility: 3-2–3 ScanTastic: 6-1–2 display: 1-9, A-7 menu system: B-1 messages: 8-10–14 Legal, paper size: A-1 Letter, paper size: A-1 Limit mark: 2-25 Limited warranty: 1-3, 1-5, 7-10 Line art image: 6-5 viewing: 6-25 Line feed speed: A-2 Line jack: 1-8 Liquid crystal display: See LCD...

    • Page 212

      Operator panel: 1-7, 2-20 copying documents: 1-18–20 using: 1-9–11 Options dialog, page setup: 2-8 Orientation: 2-7 Outgoing message: 5-5 Output device settings: 6-18–20 jagged: 8-19 Output tray: 1-7 extension: 1-7 Packing materials: 7-21 Page Setup dialog: 2-6–8 options: 8-7 Pages, range to print: 2-11 Paper dialog, using: 2-9 guidelines: 2-4...

    • Page 213

      Print order changing: 2-16 setting: 2-12 Print quality: 2-11, 2-17–18 problems: 8-19–20 Printable area: A-2 Printer connections: 8-8 cover: 1-8, 2-19 driver, understanding: 2-4 not responding: 8-15 settings, print media: 2-21 message: 1-11 PRINTER MODE button: 1-11 PRINTER RESET Printing: 2-1–34 background: See SpoolMaster document: 2-4–6 document, in memory: 5-5...

    • Page 214

      Ring number: 3-8 patterns: 5-7–8 time: 3-10 tone: 3-10 message: 2-34, B-2 ROLLER CLEANING Round shaft: 2-19, 7-12, 7-16 Routine maintenance: 7-3 : B-2 RX MODE Safety instructions: 1-5–6 Saturation: 6-13 Saving, settings: 3-2 SB-21 Ink Cartridge Storage Box: 1-2, 7-19–20 Scaling, image: 6-5–6 Scan...

    • Page 215

      Speed dialing group, defining: 3-14 individual: 3-13–14 Speed option receiving: 3-9 sending: 3-5 Spilled ink: 7-9 Splashed dots: 8-19 SpoolMaster: 2-6, 2-14–17, 8-2 accessing: 2-15–16 activating: 2-15 memory: 8-9 preferences: 2-17 printing: 2-15 Stand-alone fax: B-1–6 Standard mode, fax: A-4 resolution: 4-14–15 button: 1-9–10, 4-2, START/COPY...

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