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  • Firefox download :- android, iphone (ios), and windows pc

    Mozilla Firefox is a free and open web browser for your computer. This browser works on every operating system and it is also available for your Android device. Mozilla Firefox has ranked the third position globally and the most popular browser in the world. This browser is the most downloaded and loved by millions of people.

    Firefox for PC Laptop Windows 10 8.1 7 and Mac OS Computer:


    Mozilla Firefox has come with lots of features which I will mention here down below. Let us check it out.

    Features of Firefox for PC:

    Let us have a look at all the features of Mozilla Firefox, which I have mentioned here down below:

    • Firefox is fast in downloading files, this means that you can download anything faster compared to other browsers.
    • It offers you with privacy upgrade through this you can protect all your privacy and also track your browsing history. You can also block all parts of web page history and track your activities.
    • It blocks advertisements from popping up while browsing which is unwanted and allows you to browse without any difficulty. It also controls and manages all the downloading, passwords with safety.
    • You can easily change the language of the web page easily without restarting your device.
    • It offers to clear your browsing history, which means that you can clear your history and password with a single click.

    All these are the features of Mozilla Firefox. Now, let us check out how to download and install it on your device.

    How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox:

    To download Firefox you need to follow some instructions which are mentioned here down below:

    • The first thing you need to do is visit the official website from any browser.
    • Now click on the free download button.
    • Once the file is downloaded, click on the install button and start installing.
    • Before that, the computer may ask you for confirmation before running the file.
    • Now choose your location for installing the file, then choose where you want to put the icon on your desktop and finally you can choose whether you want to put as a default browser.

    So, this is how you install and download Mozilla Firefox. Now let us have a look how to can download Firefox for PC/Windows.

    Steps to Download and Install Firefox for PC Laptop Windows:

    To download Firefox for your PC Windows you need to go through some steps which are mention here down below:

    • The first thing you need to do is go and visit the official page of Firefox.
    • Download the latest version by clicking on the download button.
    • Once the download process is finished, click on the install button.
    • Choose your location for installing the file on your PC.
    • Now, choose the location where you want to put the icon on your PC, as by default it will get saved on your Desktop window.
    • The next thing you do is choose whether you want to put this browser as a default.

    All these are the steps to download Firefox for your PC/Windows. Now, let us check out how to download and install Firefox for MAC.

    Steps to Download and Install Firefox for MAC OS X:

    To download Firefox for MAC, then you can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on your MAC. All you need to do is follow the instructions here down below:

    • Firstly, go to the official website of Mozilla Firefox.
    • Click on the green download button.
    • Once the download process is complete, the file will open by itself.
    • Now drag the icon on top of the application and copy it to your desktop.
    • After dragging the application, you need to hold down the control key while clicking the window and now select the “eject Firefox” from the menu.
    • You can now easily add the Firefox application on your desktop and finally, you can enjoy using this browser on your MAC.

    So, these are the steps of how you can download and install Mozilla Firefox for your MAC. It is a very light yet powerful browser with excellent security services. Now you can enjoy browsing along with its great features and security right on the go on your PC, MAC or Android device.

    Firefox is one of the popular and trendiest mobile browsers that are available for the devices of iOS, iPhone, and iPad. Through the help of this browser, you can experience the smartest and fastest personal web and enjoy browsing. Firefox is the first browser that successfully made by Mozilla and finally launched as one of the most trendy and smartest personal browsers.

    The people will know Firefox application as one of the most trusted browsers for privacy. So if you are an iOS user you can easily upgrade the application of Firefox right now for free and enjoy experiencing the smartest web browsing of your iOS devices.

    Firefox for iPhone iPad and iOS Devices Download:

    Firefox for iPhone

    Due to it’s amazing and cool features of this application already millions of an iOS user have already downloaded and installed the app of Firefox browser for the personal experiencing. Firefox lets you browse any types of the personal web with the fastest speeds and lets you experience great browsing. Firefox for iPhone has lots of amazing and smart features which will enable you to browse smoothly and gives you complete control over your web experience. You will get a great experience using this amazing app on your iOS devices.

    How to Download & Install Firefox for iPhone and iOS Devices:

    Downloading Firefox browser for iPhone, iOS is very easy since it is already available in your app store. So follow the instructions given below:

    1. Firefox application for iPhone and iOS devices is available in the App Store for free absolutely.
    2. So to download the Firefox, first of all, visit the App Store for your iPhone and iOS devices.
    3. Type Firefox on the searching options and press Enter.
    4. You will get various options similar to the Firefox so just select one and press enter for downloading.
    5. Wait for sometimes patiently until the downloading is successfully completed.
    6. Right after the downloading, the installation will take place automatically.
    7. When both downloading and the installing process gets over to open the app and check it whether the Firefox is running smoothly or not.
    8. If you find any complications then uninstalled, it at once and downloaded once again from the beginning.

    Firefox for iPhone

    Here are the Features of Firefox for iPhone and iOS Devices:

    Firefox has lots of amazing and cool features which are very smart and smooth to operate the devices. So check out all the smartest features of iPhone and iOS given below.

    Private browsing:

    • Through the help of this application, your browsing will be safe and secure since your personal information will be erasing soon after browse.
    • Firefox has a private browsing mode, so it won’t remain or remember anything that you browse such as your cookies or history but the new bookmark will remain saved.
    • You can also choose the private data which you particularly wanted to remove.
    • Through the help of this application, you can clear or delete your passwords, cookies, browsing history and more within a single click.
    • Although private browsing mode is available you need iOS 9 to enjoy this particular feature.

    Smart Search and experience Great Browsing:

    • With Firefox you can easily add any of the search providers.
    • Firefox application anticipates your needs as well as provides multiples of search results intuitively.
    • Using the Firefox application, you can easily access the shortcuts to the search provider.
    • Search results are added every time in Firefox in your favorite search engine.
    • Intuitive visual tabs:
    • This particular feature of intuitive visual tabs enables you to find the contents easily for the future references.
    • You can open tab as much as you want or required without losing any tracks of your web pages.
    • Enjoy browsing more smoothly.

    Sync your devices with the help of Firefox:

    • Firefox remembers every single detail of your browsing including your password, so it will be shown when needed.
    • Through Firefox application you can get access to your bookmarks, history, and many others, as well as you, can also open tabs from your devices such as your PC, tablet or Smartphones, etc.

    Easy to access the top sites:

    • You can easily access to the most popular sites through Firefox.


    So, this is all about the Firefox one of the smartest and trendiest applications for personal browsing. You can experience great browsing through the help of this application. Firefox has the Smartest and coolest features for browsing smoothly without any complications while browsing. So get upgraded the Firefox for iPhone easily for free and experience great browsing like the millions of others who love this application for browsing since it is completely trusted by the companies and others as one of the safest and secure applications for personal web browsing. So just download and installed the Firefox on iPhone and iOS devices for free absolutely.

    Firefox is one of the most outstanding web browsers for your Android device. It has numerous features with a free open source. Mozilla Firefox was launched in November 2004 with within nine months there are around 60 million downloads.

    At the last of 2009, Firefox grew to 32% where the Internet Explorer web browser is declining day by day.This web browser is made by Mozilla for faster browsing, and in fact, this web browser is designed only to protect your privacy.

    Mozilla Firefox For Android Phone Free Download:

    From Firefox itself you can search anything you wish for and download any files for free. It provides faster downloading speed that can integrate Search engines. Along with Google Chrome, this Firefox web browser for Android is available in the Google Play Store. I will be sharing you its features as well as the methods of downloading and installing the Mozilla Firefox for Android.

    How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox for Android?

    Downloading and Mozilla Firefox on your Smartphone are very easy. Follow my step by step guide.

    1. First of all, you need to have a secure internet connection.
    2. As you know that Firefox is available in Google Play Store, so you don’t require downloading the file.
    3. Go to your device Google Play Store and type Mozilla Firefox in the search box.
    4. Now click on the results the browser providing you.
    5. Click on the install panel and start installing.
    6. After installing locate the file on your device.
    7. Open it and enjoy browsing.
    8. If you wish to download the APK file, then click on the link given below.

    What is Mozilla Firefox all about?

    Mozilla Firefox is a web browser where you can download and search anything within no time as this web browser has a boosting power. Mozilla Firefox is preferable and relevant than another internet browser. With Firefox web browser you can customize your Home Panels as well as you can display your home panels in any way you like. Even when you are offline, you can read and view your articles easily. Firefox is way far better than any other web browsers. To know what are the main features let us speak in details.

    Firefox for Android

    One of the Best Features of Mozilla Firefox:

    The features of Mozilla Firefox are stunning and unique for your Android device. Let us check out below….

    Ø Faster Downloads:

    With Mozilla Firefox you can download as much as you like with faster speed. You can easily access to shortcuts as well as it has the most adaptive to share with your dear one’s anything. It provides you quick search results within no time. You can change the home panels and customize the appearance of your screen.

    Ø Privacy Upgraded:

    Mozilla Firefox upgrades your privacy with a tracking protection as sometimes people tracks your browsing history. Firefox blocks all the parts of web pages that track the activities of your browsing.

    Ø Big Screen Capability:

    This internet browser helps you to send video or any other web contents from your device to your TV or tablet that is furnished with capabilities of streaming.

    Ø Ads Block:

    Mozilla Firefox allows you to block all the unwanted adds and allows you to go on browsing without any difficulty. It controls all your downloading managers, passwords with safety and prevents many unwanted ads that are being popped up on the screen.

    Ø Easily Change Language:

    Without changing your entire settings or restarting your device, you can change the settings of the language of the web pages easily.

    Ø Smarter Sharing Facilities:

    Firefox has a smarter way of sharing facilities and you can open as many tabs as you like without losing any track of your open web pages. You can also share your browsing history with your family members or your dear ones without any worry.

    Ø Firefox across your Smartphone:

    With the Mozilla Firefox account, you can access your bookmarks, history, and the most important thing Firefox can easily remember your password that means you don’t require typing your passwords again and again.

    Ø Read your Favorite Sites:

    It allows you to read your favorite sites instead of looking after them here and there. And even when you are offline you can read your saved articles anytime.

    Ø Clear Browsing History:

    You can easily clear your browsing history and your passwords with a single click.

    Here are the lists of the features of Mozilla Firefox. Now let us check the downloading and installing process.


    Mozilla Firefox for Android device is amazing as you can download anything and search for any information within no time. And I hope now you know how to download and install Firefox Web browser. If you need any more information, then feel free to ask.

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