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Drumagog basic download

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  • Latest Version:

    Drumagog basic download LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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  • Old Versions:

  • Drumagog 5.0.2 for windows 7/vista/xp

    Drumagog is a plug-in that automatically replaces drum tracks with a vast array of other samples. Engineers and producers worldwide use Drumagog to fix and enhance existing drum tracks. Drumagog is extremely easy to use. Just insert it onto a drum track and select your favorite sample. Drumagog does the rest. For advanced drum replacing, Drumagog is packed with powerful features for the ultimate in control.


    • Automatically replaces drum tracks with a variety of samples
    • Compatible with WAV, AIF, SDII, and GIG samples and libraries
    • MIDI Input and Output Capability
    • Advanced Visual Triggering feature
    • Sophisticated sample management
    • Auto sample-rate conversion
    • Works with any VST/RTAS compatible application.
    • Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic and Digital Performer
    • Comes with a complete drum sample collection

    Here is a basic demo:

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    New in v5.0.2

    • Fixed issue with pitch control on stereo samples.
    • Plugin scanning issue fixed.
    • Fixed delay when switching IR Reverb and Morphs.
    • IR Reverb and Morph Engine input is now post blend control, which allows you to apply IR and morph effects to the original track, as well as the replaced audio.
    • Fixed VST plugin path issue on PC installer.

    New in v5.0.1

    • Improved CPU usage. This should eliminate the need for higher buffer sizes in your audio card.
    • Fixed issue with clicks and pops due to higher CPU usage.
    • Reduced memory usage.
    • Fixed issues with Auto Align 2.0 which could cause mis-alignment of samples in certain cases.
    • Fixed issue that caused crash when switching between samples rapidly.
    • Fixed problem opening Drumagog on Power PC systems.
    • Fixed issue with re-loading of gog files.
    • Fixed intermittent issue with crashing when switching triggering modes.
    • Improved gog file loading time.

    New in v5

    • New triggering engine.
    • Auto-align 2.0.
    • Support for multiple room samples.
    • Auto Hi-hat tracking.
    • Improved sample management.
    • Direct Plug-in hosting (Platinum version).
    • Morph|Engine (Platinum version).
    • Built-in Convolution Reverb (Platinum version).

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