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    Meccanoid LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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  • | meccano meccanoid g15 ks - robot, spin master

    If you have the Meccanoid G15 KS personal robot builds, build your a friend. It is very easy - use the included tool. When you are done with the body of Meccanoid and the batteries have plugged in, it will be use Meccabrain to guide you in connecting its engines. You can even Meccanoid into a dinosaur, or whatever you can think of. With your imagination and 1188 parts to build the possibilities are endless!

    Standing he is 120 centimetres high and using advanced technology and 10 motors can the arms, head and legs of the Meccannoid G15 KS realistic movements. That includes the 2 exclusive bonus servo motors that give even more freedom of movement to your Meccanoid. Look how his large LED eyes light up in more than 500 color options!

    Programming the Meccanoid G15KS goes easy and intuitive - you have no special skills! Thanks to the Meccanoid's Learned Intelligent Movement (LIM) technology, you can move his arms and head. Or talk to him and Meccanoid records what you do and doing your after!

    Meccanoid's powerful built-in Meccabrain is the key to the programming. It contains 64 megabits flash memory so he can learn movements and sounds recording and playback.
    For interactive fun there is the Motion Capture function of the Meccanoid app, free for your smartphone or tablet. Place that in Meccanoid, activate the function and amaze your Meccanoid all your actions as reflects. Or swipe itself across the screen to control Meccanoid and let it run and run how you want!

    Meccanoid G15KS is your smart friend with speech recognition and his intelligence is formed by you! He tells jokes, plays games and has more than 1000 preset phrases and witty comments.

    Winner toy of the year 2015

    The view of the jury:

    The jury is aware that this is an expensive item but also an article with lots of features and particularly innovative. In the future we will see more and more of this type of toy. But also in real life: robots play an increasingly important role.

    With this robot, there is integration of mechanics and programming and the latter going fairly easy. A robot that is built first and then programmed. Technique is fun and you have an endearing and cosy House, buddy.

    Educational report:

    This toy is very special, and that for various reasons and not just to the striking price of this nominated toys this year. It is particularly because this Meccanoid the old Meccano Meccano in the modern digital age brings. Today's discussion in education country about the so-called 21st century skills and correspondence of the basic school education with those skills, it seems in this piece "toy" the opportunity to have gotten. On many technical skills to build everything with Meccano is in building this Meccano Meccanoid G15 CS a job done. Did that Meccano always already, but here we have then suddenly a – say – humanized Meccano: you can build an imitation man with it! Now that's not so special, because with many toys is that all possible. A pop is no different. But, with this Meccanoid seems to be the man to build an old dream: making a man, Mephostopheles's.

    In Japan is the humanization of robots far. Robots that are very similar to people seem to have already found a place in families and function as servant, companion and nurse, etc. So went in Japan in June 2015 the caring robot Pepper in a few minutes a thousand times over the counter. This robot would be using his feelings in a store can work and on children. So far it is not Meccanoid with Meccano. But you can do a lot with this Meccano Meccanoid: talk, walk, dance, make jokes, impersonating you do, etc.

    What I find interesting about this as educational Meccanoid is that we have toys here – better: a constructieset – that modern youth (and why not the elderly?) with classic construction toys working all the modern techniques of programming, working with sensors, motors, servos, camera, smartphone or tablet and so of "dead" material something on "human life" seems to build. Then to learn that robot behavior that the Builder itself designs and desire.

    As long as the builders are aware that they have no real human being, but a robot building that many applications can have, but never its own character or identity, those builders can experience this a lot of fun Meccano Meccanoid. Maybe think that builders still useful behavioral diagrams for the robot that it can be used for something useful or fun.

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