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Samsung smart switch blackberry bold

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    Samsung smart switch blackberry bold LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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  • Help with samsung smart switch app - blackberry forums at

    OK. Here you go.

    1. Go here:

    Scroll down and look for the BB10Attachment 396565 section and expand it and follow the directions to sideload Smart Switch to your BB10 device.

    Once it is installed, you'll see an icon on your BB10 device for the app.

    2. Start Smart Switch on your Galaxy S7 by going into Settings / Backup and Reset / Start Smart Switch

    3. Select BlackBerry from the options and tap Start.

    4. Don't follow their directions exactly. You'll see a wireless network SSID on the bottom of the next screen. Before opening the app on your BlackBerry, open settings / WiFi on your BlackBerry.

    Find that SSID, select it, and enter the password shown on your S7. Once your BlackBerry is connected to that SSID, then open the Smart Switch app on your BlackBerry.

    NOTE: If you follow their instructions and open the app on your BlackBerry before making the WiFi connection, the app will fail once it tries to create that connection for you.

    At this point, your S7 should show that it's connected to your BlackBerry.

    5. Now that the WiFi connection has been established, open the Smart Switch app on your BlackBerry.

    You'll see a screen with a spinning circle. Be very patient. Your BlackBerry is locating all the data that can be transferred.

    My initial mistake at this point was quitting after 5 or 10 minutes of waiting.

    This can take a long time! In my case it took over 40 minutes.

    But then you'll see the list of items that can be moved over.

    The process hung when it got to my pictures, videos, and music (I have a lot). What finally worked for me was not checking these off for the Smart Switch run and just moving these manually from my folderson my laptop I had used to sync via BlackBerry Link prior to the switch.

    6.Run the switch. You'll have some of your BlackBerry settings (including WiFi profiles). I had a problem with SMS/MMS only showing my side of the conversations I brought over. You'll have all your local Contacts. Your Remember notes will. End up in the Memos app. Your tasks will end up in the Galaxy 's Calendar app as Tasks (tap hamburger button in the top left of the app and select tasks).

    I'm typing this from memory because I forget all the choices of types of data to import. But I think this covers the important parts of what you need to get this going.

    NOTE: I had called Samsung when I first tried this and couldn't get past the WiFi connection screen from within the BlackBerry Smart Switch app. They just basically read from a script and when it didn't work, opened an escalated support ticket for me. They promised to call me back within 48 hours a week and a half ago!

    Update: The images don't appear in this post where they should be.

    AND: Don't use the USB cable. This only works over WiFi for BB10 devices. Although I'm coming from a Q10 which does not support USB OTG. It's possible the cable could work with a Z30, Leap, Classic, or Passport (all of which do support USB OTG).

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