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The form letter machine

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    When dealing with multiple repetitive requests and emails, a common issue in any business, especially in their support department, it is important to have several predefined answers, as manually responding to each request can waste a lot of your time. Instead, it is considered good practice to use a template answer form, that is tailored for every request you might encounter.

    The Form Letter Machine is an intuitive piece of software that can help you generate such forms and response letters. It allows you to quickly compose a response form, which is suited to the request you received.

    Handy form generation tool

    The application helps you compose a response form or email, using predefined texts, previously created for any problem or request that might come up. By creating configuration trees and adding a standard response text for each branch, you are able to instantly respond to an email by composing the appropriate message in a couple of clicks.

    For instance, you can start your response form with a different title, depending on who you are addressing to, then compose the main body of your form based on the problem or request received for handling, finally ending the letter with a predefined signature or reply text.

    Helpful response text composer

    The Form Letter Machine allows you to customly create configuration trees, which are basically “flowcharts” for creating forms. Each branch deals with a certain matter, whether a client has a hardware or software problem, for example.

    By carefully creating answers for commonly encountered problems, you can handpick a suitable answer and generate a response form that can be quickly copied to clipboard and used as reply email, for instance.


    All in all, The Form Letter Machine is ideal for generating automate and predefined answers for each request email you receive, and it shows its true value when used by support departments of various businesses.

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