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  • What are tube socks? (with pictures)

    Post 5

    I loved wearing tube socks as a teenager growing up in the late 70's early 80's. They looked cool and were comfortable to wear. No problem with arranging them on your feet and when you pulled them up they stayed up! They came in a wide range of colours to match your nylon trimmed shorts. They were OK for sports wear and casual. Fashion trends usually go full circle so we might see that 'American' fashion style once again soon.

    Post 4

    I can't say I've ever been that big of a fan of crew tube socks.

    I thought they looked silly the first time around when all the jocks were wearing them in the 60s, and they just looked even more ridiculous when it came back as an "ironic" trend.

    So just remember, the next time you're looking at those "deck" tube socks with stripes, there is a fine, fine line between "ironic" and intensely annoying to those around you, and tube socks might just push you over that line.

    Post 3

    Did you know that many people wear tube socks for medical reasons too?

    One of the most common instances is that of diabetic tube socks. Diabetics are very prone to foot ulcers, so it's important that they have a good, supportive sock that can wick away moisture and keep the foot clean and dry. Unlike regular Hanes tube socks, diabetic tube socks are also made with a non-binding top, which is important, since diabetics often have compromised blood flow to their extremities.

    Whereas a regular, top bound sock could cut off circulation and lead to foot problems, a diabetic sock is specifically designed to avoid this problem.

    Some people also use tighter tube socks, like nylon tube

    socks, as support for varicose veins. Oftentimes, varicose veins become less painful if the leg is tightly supported, so this can be a good "band-aid" until further treatment can be taken.

    Finally, tube socks are great for flying. There's always a risk of blood clots in the extremities, especially the feet and legs, when flying, and tube socks can compress the leg to help prevent that.

    Who knew there were so many uses for the humble tube sock?

    Post 2

    I stumbled into wearing wool tube socks during the winter when I got stuck one day without tights. I had no idea how warm those things can keep your legs!

    Of course, the cotton crew tube socks are good too, but if you want warmth, then wool is the way to go.

    Just make sure you get the knee tube socks and not the ankle tube socks, to get the maximum warmth.

    I now own several pairs of wool tube socks and wear them under my jeans whenever I got out in the winter. More convenient than long underwear or tights, but with excellent heat storing ability.

    Try it out -- you'll be amazed too.

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